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Dead-Tree is alive!

2008-05-01 17:21:47 by Bulortio

my new site: dead-tree



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2008-05-21 21:26:53

great to c ur bak, the new site looks great. keep the great work coming.


2008-06-05 11:58:47

Wait, you're the guy who made Baby Factory?


2009-02-13 20:15:58

just wanted to tell you, Infinite Chamber is a lot better with the new controls, wish I could change my 3/10 score. Good work on fixing it.


2009-02-23 21:48:54

DUDE! OMG! I was on lvl 99 with 3 lives left.... AND I got bloody screwed sooo bad. Your level design made it so it was a snake special and the last block was virtually in the middle. So there was NO possible way for me to make it accross... :( and I so cbf doing it again. Please try to fix this bug :(


2009-11-13 21:50:22

i just found your work, i am very impressed
i wish i found your soul sooner


2009-11-17 00:46:27

The dead tree is in the hell again :( very sad, i want to buy some of ice cream, he accept claws in change of fingers?


2010-03-09 13:03:36

It sucks you aren't around anymore. I really like your animations.

I suppose I shall dance in some puddles until you return.